RE-DRUM / EMERGE - Split [Attenuation Circuit]

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White cassette in white jewel case, limited edition 50 copies

live at echokammer, Augsburg, 28.03.15

Live at Eufemia, Warszawa, 14.04.15

recording, pre-mastering, photography and design by EMERGE
final mastering by Re-Drum

released March 5, 2016

This split tape documents two performances of the respective artists on their European tour 2015, one by Re-Drum in Augsburg, the attenuation circuit label homebase, and one by EMERGE in Warszawa – a great example of attenuation circuit’s increasing live presence in the experimental music underground throughout Europe.

Both performances start from drones and take them into the area of noise. There is a certain roughness, if not harshness, to the sound that translates well into the tape medium. The “live” feeling is almost palpable in the recordings, as one can feel the performers being carried from the drone structures they’re known for into more extreme territories, riding the wave of intensity and feedback that only comes from concert situations.


Der Split Re-DrUm/EMERGE (ACT 1037, C-90) bringt dann wieder Performances, erst Pavel Aleshin in Augsburg und Sascha Stadlmeier in Warszawa jeweils solo, und bei Persecutory Delusion (ACK 1005, CD-R) dann gemeinsam am 02.04.14 in Berlin. Letzteres als zugleich stürmisch durchfauchtes und sonor schnurrendes, ganz unparanoides Nada Brahma mit klapprigen, schleifenden, heulenden, pochenden Akzenten, die die Spannung hoch halten, und sogar einem melancholischen Phantomchor. Solo zeigt der Soundscaper aus Orjol sein Händchen für brodelndes Mahlwerk mit melodischen oder flatternden Delaykaskaden und sausendem oder eisern flirrendem Gedröhn. Ein Kirchenchor setzt das finale Zwiebelhäubchen. Sogar Emerges Wühlarbeit in Stein und Erz klingt danach russisch.



How they sound separately can be found on a cassette, maybe because that format is well suited for a split release. It was recorded in concert in 2015 when they toured Europe and Re-Drum has a forty-three minute recording from Augsburg that is quite strange. It doesn't have the usual playfulness of sounds, but slowly develops into one point and then seems to stay there for quite some time. It seems, but I readily admit I am no expert on all of the music by Re-Drum, that this is a bit noisier than his usual approach. The recording quality left also room for improvement. On the other side a recording from Warsaw by Emerge who this time around is also a bit noisier than he usually is, I think (and from him I heard quite a bit by now). He plays around with some versatile sound material and does that in a way that is very much like musique concrete. A bit of reverb to add some more body to the material, lots of reversed sounds popping in and out of the mix and Emerge keeps consistently working with that for the entire thirty-three minutes, which I admit is perhaps ten minutes too long, but it belongs easily to his better works.