DuChamp - Nectere [full body massage records]

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Pro dub tape cassette with original art work by artist Lara Schilling , include download code

“Nectere” (from Latin,“to attach, reunite, connect”) includes works that I wrote for, or in collaboration with, or inspired by, close friends. “Lara” was recorded in an afternoon of music/drawing session between Lara' Schilling and myself, in a sort of a “non verbal” dialogue. “E tornammo a riveder le stelle” was composed for an Avital Yomdin's work,“it's not a trickle, it's a flood”. In the installation, thousand of sea turtles, made of bicycle's reflectors, emerge from the sand to reach the sea. Their strength is the number: together, they survive. Of course I've loved the concept since the beginning. The third song, is a live version of “Gemini” recorded in Oakland, CA, in a surreal strange, difficult night, that makes me think all was changed, and for good, and that I've finally have a home. And my home is everywhere there is people that I love.

released October 17, 2015

DuChamp - baritone guitar, keyboard, effects, field recordings and accordion