Softgrid - Stingrays [Twaague]


Formed in a children’s hospital in Potsdam in 2014, an early incarnation of Soft Grid was sketched into the EP ‘Stingrays’ over two weekends in late 2014. In 2015 Softgrid expanded from their experimental duo into a heavier multi-instrumental outfit. Related bands and projects include: Golden Diskó Ship, Dropout Patrol, Sam Slater.

The trio evolve their world of electronic and acoustic improvisation into a rich frenzy, and syncopate it with sudden eruptions of riffing noise. The music elegantly shifts between beautiful grooves and catchy madness, composition and improvisation, never staying in the same place for too long, as if the three band members poured all their various musical experience - from experimental electronics, post punk, improvisation and unconventional songwriting - into a bowl and began to stir.
released May 7, 2015

Softgrid . Theresa Stroetges & Jana Sotzko
Recorded by Softgrid at Studio Potsdam
Mixed by Sylvain Livache at Twaague Project Studio
Mastered by Freddy Knop at Listeners Mastering